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A Lifestyle full of shoes

Pikolinos can´t only be described by it´s design and feel. The company created a whole new lifestyle- For and full of beautiful shoes. You can realy feel the passion for freedom, set into the leather shoes, which are manufactured with a special love for details. Therefore, the traditional brand is so successful – They just aren´t satisfied with the average.



Insights into a better world

Pikolinos´ goal is to give an all over feeling of well-being. This of course includes a comfortable fit, as well as an attractive appearance, but above all an ulterior motive will never be neglected by the family and that is the legacy of nature.

In 2003 Pikolinos was the first shoe manufacturer with multiple certifications, which are globally recognized requirements for an environmental management. Only two years later, the brand gets the eco-label for the eco-shoe line Amazon by the European Union.

Today, Pikolinos is also involved in various development projects, and is supporting the poor and needy through their Juan Peran foundation.

Happiness lies in their history

That Pikolinos shoes should have their own character, has already been clear to the founder Juan Peran Ramos in 1984. A major breakthrough was also represented by the delivery of their shoes abroad. Today the products are sold in several countries like Germany, Russia, the USA and many more.

After the Maasai Project in 2011, which the brand strengthened its prominence with, Pikolinos sets an increasing importance on retail since 2015. Different stores, all across Europe, display the beautiful shoes by Pikolinos from there on.