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Electronic foot pressure

A special technique to correct a deformity in the feet, can be found in the electronic foot pressure. In the so-called pedography, an electronic measuring sensor is placed in the shoe sole. Through this, the pressure of the foot is then measured on the liner and then analyzed. These measurements can be made both standing, as well as walking.


The measurement in detail

Pedography can be carried out via two methods. In both the pressure points ​​of the foot, as well as the focal curve of the body are measured.

About the first method: Pressure-sensitive sensors are placed as an insert in the shoe. Here, the pressure load is recorded when walking and standing, and sent to a control device. Highly accurate measurement is possible by the extreme thinness and flexibility of the sole.

In the second method we present a pressure measuring plate with an electronic sensor film. The information generated during walking over it are sent back to the control unit and can be graphically displayed afterwards.


The perfect measures

After evaluating the data, conclusions on problem areas and improper loading can be drawn. Now individual deposits for proper foot support can be made. In addition to creating a perfectly fitting shoe, pedography can also be used for subsequent control measurements. So we can make sure that your foot is at full health, at all times.


Help with diseases

Diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes often leads to problems around the foot. A Control through pedography is, in this case, also helpful. In connection to this investigation, further consultations with a specialist to alleviate symptomes, can be taken.