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Diabetic insoles & shoe care

The diabetic foot syndrome is common for many diabetics. Especially in everyday life it provides limited mobility which can quickly rob ones joy of life. Unfortunately, the disease often leads to wounds that heal poorly. At worst, it may even lead to amputation. Patients with narrowing of the blood vessels and nerve damage are often affected by problems resulting from the disease. In order to prevent those Problems an early and effective prevention, as well as good Treatment is from great importance. So a good quality of life can be ensured again.

Different forms of the diabetic foot

It is important to identify the diabetic foot syndrome as early as possible. It exists in two possible forms. For the treatment of both may differ greatly from each other. It is therefore important to find out one the Patient is suffering from. Unfortunately, both types are often linked.

One of the forms is expressed by a neuronal damage of the foot. Here, the sensation of feeling is reduced. The second form relates to the blood circulation. It is disrupted and can even lead to formation of ulcers.




Nerve damage

The majority of patients with the diabetic foot syndrome, is suffering from a nervous disorder. This is developed by  diabetes. A long-term lack of supply from peripheral nerves leads to the damage. Symptoms are tingling in the legs, as well as an altered temperature and pain. Foot injury, are a sign that the Problem is usually discovered too late. This, unfortunately, makes a following treatment more difficult.


As a result of circulatory disorders

The situation is different when it comes to circulatory problems. Especially in connection with nerve damage severe consequences can occur. Whole tissue areas can die, due to the no longer guaranteed arterial circulation. Affected suffer from painful wounds and a falling sensation of feeling. Cold feet, as well as a dry and pale skin may be consequences.


Professional help for diabetics

Professional advice and treatment by trained professionals, is crucial for patients with diabetic foot ulcers. Thanks to modern Technology that´s possible and done very easy and fast. Measurements of the foot, with the so-called pedography foot measurement are done in this case. Here, the pressure distribution on the foot is closely monitored. After this, a specially shaped insole can be designed. This accurate data provides adequate orthopedic care. The treatment can be reimbursed by the health insurance.

The right treatment

Providing the patient with individually matching shoes, shoe inserts and toiletries is critical for a successful treatment. Measurement data and test results are considered accurate and needed for the perfekt evaluation. According to those, a perfectly fitting and customized shoe can be designed. The diverse problems, such as wounds can  be treated through proper relief of pressure on the foot. Even various changes of normal ready-made shoes can be crucial. These include Support for a natural rolling motion, relief roles and sole stiffeners.