Orthopedics - Shoes and more...

Boot fitting & repair

Choosing pretty shoes over fitting shoes, often leads to greater problems. Because to tight footwear can lead to wounds and deformities of the foot. If you wear a bad shoe, you will feel it in your entire body. For posture and style of movement are crucial for your own well-being.

For this to be assured, we take care of an individual adjustment and repair your favorite shoes. Only then a smooth start into the day is possible – get up with healthy feet.


Shoe adjustments

A special adaptation of your own shoes to your feet is important for a healthy posture and optimal walking movement. Unnatural Motion can often occur through, for example: a difference in the length of the legs. This can provide significant pain in the joint area. In order to prevent this from happening, it is even more important to compensate the differences. Even adjusting the soles and heels of a normal retailer shoe, can make a big difference in one’s health.

Shoe repair

It is particularly troublesome when your favorite shoes have holes in them or a Zipper won´t close properly.We care about These problems and offer you our help at any moment. With many years of technical experience, we take care of broken shoes and treat them with special care. We exactly know the methods to make your shoes look like a new pair again.