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For the past 90 years on site – thank you for your loyalty!

In the middle of the 19th century, the Wagner family has been associated with shoemaking for the first time. Concerning the establishments in the ballast bridge, Harris empty street, Toosbüystraße and Norderstrasse we are now active in the 5th generation. 1925 our business was converted into a orthopedic shoemaker operation by Fritz Wagner who was at the time a pure shoemakers. 1962 Karlheinz Wagner took over his father’s business and then moved to the Toosbüystraße 5.

From 1986 Gerrit Wagner ran the Business, in Norderstraße 5, with his wife Sabine. With the transfer of the Business from Gerrit Wagner to Jörg Kosche on 02.01.2017, he held on to his Standard to be among the most modern companies in Germany. We were the second Business in Schleswig-Holstein operating with the electronic foot pressure measurement technology. Meanwhile, the 2 D measurement technology is part of our normal equipment.  For the production of our custom-made shoes we even use measurement technologies in 3D . By digitizing the measurements, we calculate the custom-fit shoes and give it to a CNC milling machine in order for it to manufacture the moldings.


When purchasing our materials, we take a close look at its health safety – In consideration of our workers but also our customers. That´s why we eliminated synthetic resin and synthetic foams from our workshop, in 1988. We don´t work with no-name products and materials of second class. For great shoes we only use german leathers and high-quality materials from leading manufacturers. Shafts are produced in different workshops and are then send to us. All other manufacturing steps are taken by us alone in our workplace. Even after the price cut of the payers, we keep up our work in handcraft, due to its safeness. Especially when it come to deliverig a customer of great risk, we know that the interdisciplinary cooperation with doctors, patients and suppliers was the right choice.


Trainings and schoolings are a part of our business for 75 years now. Through that we already formed some national winners in the area of handcraft. All of our workers take part in regular schoolings to educate themselves further. Please inform yourself about this versatile and modern handcraft, if you are interested in a safe workplace.

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