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Healthy insoles

In dialy life, aching feet and problems often arise when there is a deformity of the feet. A unilateral burden and wrong shoes can lead to large impairments in movement. In order to no longer feel worry and grief, it is important to pay attention to the correct insoles. Through this body posture, gait and movement can be sustainably improved.

Also, to prevent pain and injury, it is important to deal with the individual shape of the foot. After all, because we are permanently on our feet, you will quickly notice a difference between custom-made and conventional insoles.

No empty promises

Since many patients suffer, due to a bad foot position, from severe pain, the frustration is usually so large that one  quickly chooses wrong and low-quality insoles. Those often promise more than they are actually capable of.

Therefore, we shape our insoles after individual measurement only. Just as important as the pressure distribution on the foot, is the precise taking of measurements, to adapts the insoles on the shoe itself. So our customers can increase their well-being with conventional shoes too.

A healthy foot ensures a  healthy body because both, style of movement and posture can be highly optimized.