Orthopedics - Shoes and more...

Custom-made shoes

Often the classic tailored shoes do not meet the versatile needs of one’s foot. If that’s the case, pain and deformities can occur. But with our help that is not what happens. We offer you a made-to-measure selection of shoes. These really fit and do your well-being a favour.

Tailor-made and custom-made shoes

Years of experience in the field of custom-made shoes, helps us to specifically help you. Whether it´s about to tight or wide shoes or you have a problem with no apparent cause – we find the pressure point and eliminate it.


Special know-how

Through our many years of customer service, we have already gained a lot of experience when it comes to therapeutic measures against problems around feet. Also, our skilled workers can immediately see when and where a shoe hurta the foot. That you deserve expert advice as a customer, is clear. With great craftsmanship we take solve problems. Because nothing is more energy-sapping than a shoe that causes pain with every step.



Of course we produce your custom made shoe according to your wishes. We work on important components such as the work on the sole, the heel, the heel cap or the feed, with our expert know-how. Our work is precisely according to the latest measurement and modeling techniques in 3D scanning methods.



According to your taste

Bespoke shoes are matching your style of movement and fit your feet perfectly, like no other does. But that a shoe also meets your taste in looks, is just as crucial. Therefore, we are capable of creating your very own and unique shoe.

In the end it will reflect your personality and complement your outfit. Both, classic elegant evening shoes or safety shoes, our work has no limit.