Orthopedics - Shoes and more...


Your feet are special. You deserve shoes that help you every day, meet your individual requirements and of course look good. That’s why we offer comprehensive advice.

Selected materials

Most shoes are made of leather. Depending on the application they are combined with innovative materials, breathable hi-tech membranes, dampers or dirt-repellent nano-technology. The intelligent interaction of all components ensures the desired wearing properties and enables new functionalities.

Master service and professional advice

We are a master operation and understand the craft around your shoes. From our shoe adjustment or anatomically shaped deposits benefit not only your feet but also your physical well-being. Bespoke shoes are manufactured in the traditional recipes to your personal standards. Every detail of each pair is made according to your wishes and needs.

Custom fit

As well as to your shoe size, we pay attention to your heel hold and footbed. Special requirements we will also meet as a master craftsman.

Careful processing

Shoes are made very differently today. We know what processing is the best for your needs. Our durable quality shoes meet your expectations in terms of care.

Your taste counts!

Whether high fashion, classical, sporty or chic, here you will find a wide selection of quality brands that fit your type. We want you to wear healthy shoes.