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Bandages & compression stockings

Joint problems are, particularly in everyday life, a huge stressor. When you feel pain and have low mobility we can help through our active support. These will give you more agility and a bigger sense of freedome – Move the way you want again.

Bandages and their effect

A particularly relieving effect can be met by bandages. They Combine effects of compression and massage in one. This promotes a better circulation of blood. A real treat for the metabolism giving an accellerated healing to the affected joints. This medical care is an important guarantee for unrestricted movement.


Help by compression

By using compression technology venous disease can already be treated at its very basis. Often, however, the looks of old compression stockings, as they were worn by one´s own grandma, discourages a lot of customers. But through the use of modern fabric and design, those are no longer recognizable as compression stockings. An inconspicuous design and the known advantages of compression therapy must definitely not be hidden.

Materials and Processing

Todays compression stockings are barely compareable to opaque tights from older decades. The stockings become an everyday companion, due to their soft and breathable materials.