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Certainly a healthy shoe

Berkemann is known for its high standards of quality. Therefore, the company is leading in the design and production of advanced manufacturing technologies. Findings from the foot orthopedic care, in line with the use of innovative and natural materials, for a shoe with particularly high-quality properties.

Not only a shoe is offered to customers of Berkemann, but an entire package, which ensures the well-being of your own foot. Even a slight correction of deformities, as well as the alleviation of pressure complaints, is possible. The foot comforting products build up on a long history of experiences, wich are collected over the past 130 years.


Entdecken Sie die Qualität von Berkemann


A Basis you can trust

For Berkemann there is much more about a shoe than just looks. In particular, the choice of materials is crucial for optimal fitting and durable footwear.

Here, the company relies on natural resources like poplar wood from Central European forestry and solvent-free adhesives. So the customer is only offered the best and also the environment is not damaged – No harmful substances are used exclusively. Because the conscious and responsible use of natural resources is one of Berkemanns highest priorities.


Convincing Features

The foot is subject to daily hardships. Especially the shoe is therefore critical to your well-being.

Qualities such as breathability and a high skin compatibility are therefore the cornerstones in the design of Berkemann shoes. Therefore, they waive the usage of gel products. Because this could cause rashes and skin Irritation, due to exudation of silicone oil.

Tradition and innovation come together

When Henry Berkemann arrived in Hamburg in 1880, the shoemaker had no idea how much success he will have with his initially small businesses. His heart beats for beautiful, comfortable and well-fitting shoes, so he registers his own business in the commercial office in 1885.

The business quickly became successful and grew to be a small operation by a workshop. At exhibitions the founder presents his, until that date unknown, shoe insoles. These become famous later on and are even sent abroad then. Through the postwar period, as well as the severe global economic crisis, Henry passed the Company to his sons Walter and Hans.

Thanks to the commercial talent and technical skill, Berkemann was still successful after the end of World War II. Even stars from sport, music and film posed with the original sandals. Because of the German economic miracle in the 1950s, the company became increasingly influential. Even Haribo took the design of the popular Toeffler, a classic with thick soles made of poplar wood, the model for a new interpretation of the gummy bear.

In the 21st century Berkemann still relies on tradition, coupled with innovation. The trust of ist customers is still crucial for the success of the German traditional brand.


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