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LucRo bei Küßner Gesunde Schuhe



Shoes for special needs

For people with Special needs, LucRo is the right answer. Even in our everyday life, specially adapted shoes for diseased people make a big difference. Many who suffer from rheumatic pain or diabetes, know the problem of limited mobility. LucRo wants to relieve those from their pain and give them what they deserve: a high quality life.

Strained joints are relieved by the foot protecting properties. The special footwear also reduces the possibility of a diabetic foot syndrome. While wrong footwear can lead to bruises or even wounds.



Support for your everyday life

That shoes by LucRo have special healing properties, is already discovered and approved by the healthcare. Only in  Germany, about six million people suffer from diabetes. But the brand gives true Medical protection. This is exactly why they can be prescribed by prescription.

Individual needs are met by number of collections. With LucRo classic, kinetic and Ergonic the company has put together a wide range of styles. The supporting functions of the shoe always form the basis of each design.


Schein – a tradition with values

The roots of the traditional company goes back to the year 1879. In 1962 the founder Heinrich Bill brought the production to life. Especially the sale of medical foot inlays, which he patented, has already been an important branch of the company.

Later on his grandson Klaus Peter came up with a huge variety of shoes, wich had a new and innovative design. He took over the business management in 1967. Today, the company is managed with great success by his son, Arnd Bill.


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