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With style through the day

Hartjes shoes are made for women with particularly sophisticated taste. The shoe supports an active life, while offering comfort one can rarely find.

The company knows that design and comfort have to go hand in Hand. Therefore they only use high-quality materials to offer a perfect shoe to their customers. In addition to this, longlivety and durability, as well as sustainability are the most important standards for Hartjes. The large and diverse collection of shoes gives women the opportunity to unfold in their own true style.



Details make the difference

Wether a shoe convinces the customer or not, Comes down to the question if a shoe can meet the given high standardts. Therefore details are always an important consideration when it comes to design. The high quality leather shoes for example, are immediately recognizable by its uniqueness, which Hartjes gave to them. Each shoe Looks different due to the naturally grown structure of the leather. Robust, yet soft it caresses the foot – an unbeatable combination.

Craftsmen and shoe designers combine their knowledge to create a shoe that follows and sets trends at the same time. A healthy foot is the never changing basis for success. Within each collection, the developers provide an all-round package of beauty and health.

History moved by inspiration

The austrian company was founded in 1953 by Heinrich Hartjes and is still located in its hometown Prament. The always new ideas spread from the surrounding nature wich, later on, gives the shoe its comfort and style.

Eventhough the company is now the biggest shoe manufacturer in Austria, it keeps a down to earth Connection to its customers. That’s one of their secrets to success, wich never changed.


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