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Our Philosophy

“The bottom line of buying a shoe is a high-Quality guidance. The shoe has to be adjusted to your very own and unique style of Walking. Professor Dr. Christian Gäbler, Medizinische Universität Wien.

You deserve shoes, wich support you every day, match your individual conditions and, of course, meet your sense of style. Therefor we, your healthy shoes-specialist supplier, advise you completely. As unique as every feet, your own pair of shoes has to meet your individual conditions. We take care of an optimal size for length and width, as well as the perfect heel hold and footbed. Our skilled workers have a solution, even for the most special conditions.

Individual Footwear

Talented suppliers for healthy shoes are experts at their craft. Your feet, as well as your general well-being, will profit from custom-made shoes and anatomical formed insoles. Those individual shoes and their lasts are produced with tradition and great knowledge for real handcraft. We work on every Little detail of your custom-made shoes until they meet your expectation.

So you can wear them in every situation, for several decades. It´s worth it!

High quality standards

We have a high expectation on quality, when it come to choosing the materials we work with.

Therefor we foster a close cooperation with leading brands. So the quality will meet the standards of our customers.

Already by choosing our suppliers, we take a close look at the materials they use and if those are free from acids, toxins and synthetic substances wich don´t contain health damaging softeners and fabrics that stimulate allergies.


For the analysis and solution we use classic and modern diagnostic-systems like foot scanners, measuring films, pedography and motion analysis. All of our workers are skilled and educated through regular trainings and schoolings. In addition to that we also Keep close contact to doctors, therapists, podiatrists and medical pedicurists.

You have the guarantee that we do everything possible to meet your standards. Because we care about your feet.