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The path of the traditional brand

1945 Walter Tron founded the Waldi Shoe factory GmbH in Hassfur. Since then, the traditional company grew to become one of the most important companies in Germany. More than 70 years of experience and innovation spawned a whole assortment, which is impressive not only visually but also qualitatively.

Perfect fit and the use of high quality materials, guarantee durability and comfort. Physical well-being is always one of FinnComforts top priority. Therefore, the shoes are equipped with a special damping wich still supports the natural rolling motion.


Made in Germany – With love for the production and the workers

That shoes from FinnComfort can look back on a Long tradition is only possible because of their high standards, when it comes to production. Only natural products are used and most of the shoes are still made by hand.

German workers are the People behind FinnComforts success. Therefore the company values the maintenance and creation of jobs in Germany. Because only creative and skilled workers can produce a shoe of high Quality.





Caring for the environment

Especially today, it becomes more and more important to take a close look at the environment. That´s why the traditional company focuses on sustainability in production and shipping. So renewable and raw materials play a huge role, not only to give a high quality product to the customers. Due to that bedding of the shoes containes jute, cork and natural latex as main ingridients.

These ensure an optimal foot climate. Other materials such as nickel compounds, preservatives or AZO dyes, are eliminated from the production. The leather, from german and european tanners, is absolutely breathable and skin friendly.

Reusability makes a big difference when it Comes to saving the Environment. Therefore resoling is not a problem when it comes to the sole being expired or damaged.